ROIANDCO CONSULTING S.L. (hereinafter ROIANDCO) is absolutely against unsolicited bulk mailing.

ROIANDCO has a strict policy against spam. We actively monitor the load and the number of imported e-mail addresses and all the email messages sent from our systems and in our name.


According to the definition given to SPAM by, SPAM are all the mails sent, at the same time, in a “massive” and “unsolicited” way.

“Unsolicited” implies that the recipient has not granted a verifiable permission for the message to be sent to him. “Massively” means that the message is sent as part of a large amount of virtually identical messages.

A message is considered SPAM only if it meets both conditions at the same time.


For a massive emailing to be considered “requested”, it is necessary to have the explicit permission from the subscribers.

The permission is obtained by filling in and sending a web form in which each person accepts his e-mail address to be included in a database.  ROIANDCO gets this explicit acceptance in all the forms that belong to ROIANDCO. It is also required to all the suppliers of contacts that may feed the database of ROIANDCO.

We can also obtain the permit from the user through the collection of addresses in digital format or on paper in areas of attention to the public or in events (using a form or requesting the e-mail at the time of registration in the event).

The condition to validate the permit is that the user must have the option to accept or not the subscription at the time of application.

In the case of people linked in a stable manner with a company or institution (for example: employees, affiliates, registered customers in online services, registered providers) this relationship may, under certain conditions, give to your company or institution a tacit permission to send communications by e-mail. For example: a professional can use massive emailing to communicate activities or changes in regulations, etc. to a professional group. In these cases, it is considered that there is a tacit permission to use the e-mail as a means of institutional contact from the moment that the member of the group provides this information to the institution. The same is true with a newsletter or bulletin of internal use only in a company or organization. You can only make use of this type of permission for the relevant communications and generated from the same institution. In any case, the permit may be used to make communications by third parties.


ROIANDCO holds an elementary principle applicable to the entire list of email addresses: the e-mail addresses belong to subscribers (physical or legal persons) and not to those who may have obtained them by any method of data collection.

The lists of email addresses hosted on ROIANDCO are non-transferable and it is not allowed to sell them to third parties. 


SPAM is not only illegal in many countries, but it is also very counterproductive for those who practice it. If a company practices SPAM, the image of the company can deteriorate and it can generate distrust and, as a result, nobody will leave their data to get customized and relevant information. In addition, this practice is, in general, penalized by email services providers being added to blacklists or by sending the messages to the junk mail folder.

These penalties are very difficult to solve if there is not a change of the behaviour and can penalize the legitimate communications to be made in the future or even the company’s communications with customers and suppliers via email.

ROIANDCO practices marketing by e-mail based on the permission since it is the only one that allows you to have a fruitful relationship with users and customers.


ROIANDCO uses several mechanisms to prevent the sending of SPAM:

  • Subscribing to a mailing list owned by ROIANDCO:

When you sign up through any of the forms or pages owned by ROIANDCO or owned by others sponsored by ROIANDCO, the user must accept the PRIVACY POLICY of ROIANDCO. It lays down the conditions of use of the personal data of the user by ROIANDCO and the rights and obligations of both parties.

  • ROIANDCO sends a notice by e-mail to all subscribers that are added to the database. That message also provides an e-mail address to which subscribers can contact if they were added to the list without their consent.

  • Unsubscribe from a mailing list managed by ROIANDCO

At the foot of each message sent through ROIANDCO is included a link that allows the automatic termination of subscription. If a contact unsubscribes, he will not be added back into the system.

  • Contact Information:

The contact information on all the pages and communications property of ROIANDCO is real and verifiable information.

  • Accession to “Complaint Feedback Loops”:

ROIANDCO receives through the emailing systems providers the information of users that mark our emails as SPAM. This way we control that the lists do not exceed the acceptable threshold of 0.3% (zero point three percent) of complaints over the total number of recipients who receive an electronic newsletter from our company.